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How much does a mobile MRI cost?

Jun 27, 2019 3:16:43 PM

How much does a Mobile MRI Cost? To rent, the short answer is anywhere from $20,000/month to $75,000/month. To purchase, anywhere from $200,000 to around $3,000,000.

You are likely reading this because you are at the beginning stages of considering renting a mobile MRI. We are almost always able to work out a situation where no financial obstacle is insurmountable, so don't worry too much about pricing until you talk to us

The variability in pricing is due to several factors which include the system's capability, age, logistics, and rental term length. We will give you the guiding rules now.

1) The biggest factor in how much a mobile MRI costs is the MRI equipment inside the mobile trailer. A brand new MRI system is going to be the most expensive while an older system will be the least expensive. For instance, a Siemens Aera will be a lot more expensive than a Siemens Symphony or GE 11x.

2) Trailers come in two main sizes: Our average-sized medical trailers are 48 feet long x 8.5 feet wide x 13.5 feet tall and our SuperCoach medical trailers 60 feet long x 12 feet wide x 13.5 feet tall. The larger the trailer, the more expensive it will be. 

3) The term-length of your rental plays a part in pricing out your order. The longer you contract to rent a mobile MRI trailer, the larger the discount you can expect. The shorter the term, the more expensive it gets.

4) Transporting a mobile MRI trailer to and from your facility is another variable cost. If you are in a remote location in relation to the mainland US, you can expect to pay more in logistics costs. We currently have mobile MRI trailers all over North America, all the way from Florida up to Alaska, and if you are lucky enough, we may have a system coming off of a contract near your facility - the further in advance you let us know about your project, the more likely it is that we may be able to time this for your benefit. Call us at 1-800-775-7134 to get started now, it's never too early!

5) Preparing the mobile MRI units for transport, cleaning, setting them up at your facility, connecting them to your PACS are all nearly unavoidable cost. The longer you rent a system, the less of a burden these relatively flat costs become.

6) Applications training is another cost we factor into our rentals. Generally, we have a large enough fleet that we can accommodate any request to match your current equipment so that your staff won't require applications training, but often times facilities want to try out newer or higher levels of technology. If you require applications training, that will increase the cost of your rental.

7) One cost that you NEVER have to worry about is service. Included in every single rental is our world-class 24/7 service support. You will not pay a DIME in service costs that are not grossly negligent (like driving a forklift through the side of a trailer). 

Thinking about renting a mobile MRI? Get in touch with us now!

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